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private lessons
There are solid benefits to be gained from attending group yoga classes. However, for many people private lessons are the ideal way to learn yoga and develop a personal practice that addresses their individual needs. These needs may lead you to yoga therapy (to address specific health and wellbeing concerns) or to private instruction for goals related to athletic performance, working in advanced postures, enhancing your breathwork or meditation practice, etc. 

The Advantages of Private InstructionPersonal attention and instructionDevelopment of a personal practice for your individual needs Therapeutic benefits for common aches and pains, many health conditions, and stress Lesson times made by appointment to suit your schedule

The first class is a consultation with two of our instructors. They will talk to you in depth about your health, lifestyle, what you would like from your yoga practice, etc. Also, they might ask you to do some simple movements to see how your body reacts.  For example, you might be asked to do a simple forward bend so that the instructors can observe what your body does - look for any tightness or stress or imbalance. 

Next, your teacher will put together a practice for you that suits your goals, needs, and abilities. It might be a short practice you do a few times each day or a longer practice you do once a day. Again, your teacher will design a practice that meets your individual needs. 
At the second meeting, you and your teacher will go through your new practice together.  Your teacher is there both to instruct you and to make sure the practice is suitable for you.  If necessary, she will make appropriate adjustments to the practice based on her observations and your feedback. 

We recommend at least 2 of these follow-up sessions after the initial consultation, preferably no farther apart than one week (recommendations for prenatal clients are slightly different - please see the section on prenatal private instruction, below).  From this point, if you are comfortable, you and your teacher could meet once per month to check up with your practice, answer any questions, and make any refinements based on your progress and/or any new needs/goals that may arise for you. You can also arrange to meet with your teacher more frequently or less frequently depending on your needs and preferences.

A private class will last 45 minutes to one hour. 

If you are interested in private instruction,  please call: 504-669-6885 or 985.869-2121 or email us: info@yoga-sanga.com